Published Article / hep-ph UPR-844-T RU--99--17 arXiv:hep-ph/9905252

A low-energy solution to the mu-problem in gauge mediation

Langacker, Paul ; Polonsky, Nir ; Wang, Jing


Abstract: In the gauge-mediation framework the soft supersymmetry breaking mass parameters of the supersymmetric standard model are induced by the gauge interactions of some messenger fields. The parameters exhibit flavor universality which is dictated by the gauge interactions and which efficiently eliminates new dangerous contributions to flavor changing neutral currents. However, the Higgs potential in this framework typically contains an unacceptable hierarchy between its dimensionful parameters (the $\mu$-problem of gauge mediation). We show that the problem can be resolved if the Higgs potential arises dynamically once an intermediate U(1)' sector is integrated out rather than arising radiatively from some Yukawa interactions at the messenger scale. As an added benefit, such models may naturally avoid new contribution to CP violating amplitudes. The proposed framework is described, explicit examples are given and its phenomenology is explored. The $\mu$ problem is resolved in this case by the low-energy U(1)' dynamics which could be tested in future collider experiments.

Note: Comments: 17 pages. LaTex + RevTex. 3 figures (included). Includes a discussion of the CP problem and its solution

Published in: Phys. Rev. D 60, 115005 (1999)


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