Published Article / hep-ph SLAC-PUB-8036 arXiv:hep-ph/9901209

More and More Indirect Signals for Extra Dimensions at More and and More Colliders

Rizzo, Thomas G


Abstract: It has been recently suggested by Arkani-Hamed, Dimopoulos and Dvali that gravity may become strong at energies not far above the electroweak scale and thus remove the hierarchy problem. Such a scenario can be tested at both present and future accelerators since towers of Kaluza-Klein gravitons and associated scalar fields now play an important phenomenological role. In this paper we examine several processes for their sensitivity to a low scale for quantum gravity including deep inelastic $ep$ scattering at HERA, high precision low energy $\nu N$ scattering, Bhabha and Moller scattering at linear colliders and both fermion and gluon pair production at $\gamma \gamma$ colliders.

Note: Comments: 34 pages, 9 Figs, LaTex

Published in: Phys. Rev. D 59, 115010 (1999)


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