Published Article / hep-ph SACLAY T98-061 arXiv:hep-ph/9807509

Systematics of single superpartners production at leptonic colliders

Chemtob, Marc ; Moreau, Grégory


Abstract: We examine the effects of the lepton number violating R parity odd interactions, $\lambda_{ijk} $, on single production of fermion (charginos and neutralinos) and scalar (sleptons and sneutrinos) superpartners at leptonic colliders for center of mass energies up to $500GeV - 1TeV$. The probability amplitudes for all the five relevant $2 \to 2$ body processes and the decays branching ratios for the produced superpartners are calculated at tree level. A semi-quantitative discussion is developed within a supergravity model assuming grand unification of gauge interactions and universal (flavor independent) soft supersymmetry breaking parameters at the unification scale. The predictions obtained for the total and partial rates show that the single production reactions have a good potential of observability at NLC (Next Linear Colliders) energies. For values of the R parity violating coupling constant, $\lambda _{ijk}= 0.05$, close to the current bounds, the $\tilde \chi^{\pm, 0}$ reactions could probe all the relevant intervals for $\tan \beta$ and $m_0$ and broad regions of the parameter space for $\mu$ and $M_2$, while the $\tilde \nu $ and $\tilde l $ productions could probe sneutrinos and sleptons masses up to the kinematical limits. Using the hypothesis of a single dominant R parity violating coupling constant, a Monte Carlo events simulation for the $ \tilde \chi^{\pm, 0} $ reactions is employed to deduce some characteristic final states dynamical distributions.

Note: Comments: Latex File. 31 pages. 13 postscript figures. 3 tables. Revised version

Published in: Phys. Rev. D 59, 055003 (1999)


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