Published Article / hep-ph DFF 258-10-96 arXiv:hep-ph/9610377

Trilinear anomalous gauge couplings and non-standard fermionic couplings

Casalbuoni, R ; De Curtis, S ; Guetta, D


Abstract: In this paper we do an analysis of the reaction $e^+e^-\to W^+W^-$ for various options of the Next Linear Colliders (NLC), by considering the possibility of deviations from the Standard Model induced by anomalous trilinear vector boson couplings and non-standard fermionic couplings. We show that there are strong correlations among these parameters. By studying the high-energy behaviour of the helicity amplitudes we show that the error made in linearizing the cross-section in the anomalous and non-standard couplings increases with the square of the center of mass energy. We consider also the option of longitudinally polarized electron beams by showing that, in this case, the restrictions on the anomalous and non-standard parameters are greatly enhanced.

Note: Comments: pages 23, figures 10, latex

Published in: Phys. Rev. D 55, 4203 (1997)


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