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Manifestations of Space-Time Multidimensionality in Scattering of Scalar Particles

Demichev, A P ; Kubyshin, Yu A ; Cadenas, J I Pérez


Abstract: We analyze a possibility of experimental detection of the contribution of the Kaluza-Klein tower of heavy particles to scattering cross-section in a six-dimensional scalar model with two dimensions being compactified to the torus with the radii $R$. It is shown that there is a noticeable effect even for the energies of colliding particles below $R^{-1}$ which may be observed in future collider experiments if $R^{-1}$ is of the order of $1 TeV$.

Note: Comments: 12 pages, LATEX, UB-ECM-PF 93/17

Published in: Phys.Lett. B323 (1994) 139-146


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