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Implications of the 750 GeV gamma-gamma Resonance as a Case Study for the International Linear Collider

Fujii, K. (KEK) ; Grojean, C. (DESY) ; Peskin, M. E. (SLAC) ; Barklow, T. (SLAC ) ; Gao, Y. (Tsinghua University) ; Kanemura, S. (Toyama University) ; Kim, H. (Seoul National University) ; List, J. (DESY) ; Nojiri, M. (KEK / IPMU) ; Perelstein, M. (Cornell University) ; Poeschl, R. (LAL Orsay, Universite Paris-Sud) ; Reuter, J. (DESY) ; Simon, F. (MPI Munich) ; Tanabe, T. (University of Tokyo) ; Yu, J. (University of Texas, Arlington) ; Wells, J. D. (University of Michigan) ; Falkowski, A. (LPT Orsay, Universite Paris-Sud) ; Matsumoto, S. (IPMU) ; Moroi, T. (University of Tokyo) ; Richard, F. (LAL Orsay, Universite Paris-Sud) ; Tian, J. (University of Tokyo) ; Vos, M. (IFIC Valencia) ; Yokoya, H. (KIAS, Seoul) ; Murayama, H. (IPMU / U C Berkeley / LBNL) ; Yamamoto, H. (Tohoku University)

Abstract: If the gamma-gamma resonance at 750 GeV suggested by 2015 LHC data turns out to be a real effect, what are the implications for the physics case and upgrade path of the International Linear Collider? Whether or not the resonance is confirmed, this question provides an interesting case study testing the robustness of the ILC physics case. In this note, we address this question with two points: (1) Almost all models proposed for the new 750 GeV particle require additional new particles with electroweak couplings. The key elements of the 500 GeV ILC physics program—precision measurements of the Higgs boson, the top quark, and 4-fermion interactions— will powerfully discriminate among these models. This information will be important in conjunction with new LHC data, or alone, if the new particles accompanying the 750 GeV resonance are beyond the mass reach of the LHC. (2) Over a longer term, the energy upgrade of the ILC to 1 TeV already discussed in the ILC TDR will enable experiments in gamma-gamma and e+e− collisions to directly produce and study the 750 GeV particle from these unique initial states.

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