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THE ORIGIN OF THE GROUP OF MULTIVERSE.(Submitting for a hypothesis)

THE ORIGIN OF THE GROUP OF MULTIVERSE.(Submitting for a hypothesis)

Abstract: <p>Actuated by principle of honour,ILC officials, chair Sachio Komamiya,scientist&#39;s and engineer&#39;s.,</p> <p>&quot;I am not in this world to live up to other people&#39;s expectations.nor do &#39;I&#39; feel that the world must live up to mine&quot;.</p> <p>I&#39;m served my supreme skill.,(ADORABLE ONL) receive me.</p> <p>(A) EARTH DURATION OF LIFE.</p> <p>(B) TAKE SHAPE UNIVERSE.</p> <p>(C) THE ART OF TRANSLATION IN MULTIVERSE.</p> <p>(D) PHENOMENOLOGICAL ONTOLOGY.</p> <p>(E) THE ORIGIN OF THE MULTIVERSE.</p> <p>(F) THE GROUP OF MULTIVERSE.</p> <p>(G) &quot;ADORABLE OPEN NET WORK LAB&quot; BIG DATA REPORT.</p> <p>(H) ADORABLE ONL :- ENTIRE ULTIMATE EXPLANATION.</p> <p>The art of translation in multiverse.,very legend and ADORABLE ONL with all the newest development., The end of human doubt and things.</p> <p>&nbsp;ADORABLE ONL, discovering new principles.,Designing new tools., Developing new tests., making predictions.,Understanding., Language.,Ethics in the life sciences.</p> <p>Nine years study and research,finaly. I&#39;m find and discover the group of multiverse.</p> <p>The great legendary human science and creation chronicles say the human creation and behaviour, is not adventure of human kind and science.</p> <p>It aims at understanding everything. The grest legindary human creation chronicle is only one explanainable knowledge.,In this sense every even the highest success in human creation in artificial life.</p> <p>Dear reader.</p> <p>&nbsp;I am a Life long learner, Environmentalist, Explorer and natural scientist. (my subject is controlled motion of electrons) My topic is the origin of the group of multiverse in science and philosophy, and my talk, my presentation will be- divided into 128&nbsp;parts.( 8species).,Then calculated final ruselt is 33 billion (ion) species.(anti- particle)&nbsp;(I&#39;m not use the heavy equipment and technology., I&#39;m use the simple desktop equipment and technology.) I want new equipment, nmed not for collider. ILCis the final experiment in secret of the universe.</p> <p>Adorable ONL unloking some of the deepest mysteries in the nature, Earth and planets,universe, multiverse and group of multiverse.</p> <p>The origin of the group of multiverse based largely on my experience as a naturalist while on great legendary science of human creation.</p> <p>The origin of the group of multiverse explains the mechanisum of selection of multiverse and space. (big bang and collition is human creation and experiment&#39;s)</p> <p>The idea that made evolution of human brain scientifically intelligible for the first time. (The &nbsp;human brain evolution,&nbsp;one segment of my hypothesis)</p> <p>I agree the origin of the group of multiverse is one of the landmark.,That has helped shape the modern world. The origin of the group of multiverse.,scientific, authentic literature has pioneering views on the phenomenological ontology of planets,universe, multiverse, group of multiverse.</p> <p>&quot;Adorable ONL&quot; introducing new arguments, possibilities, explanation , examples and deep hypothesis in sixteen segment. (pictorical views and blue print&#39;s)</p> <p>NB:- ADORABLE ONL- For systematic collection, description, analysis and interpretation of data that can be used to improve the knowledge status or prevent and control the discuss in my self sudheesh tr. (AlbertStanlee)</p> <p>These knowledge not for my property., thats every one in this world. all of come get it. This is want &quot; I &quot; regard as wonder full ways of bringing up group of multiverse.</p> <p>Sincerely.</p> <p>your&#39;s AlbertStanlee.</p>

Keyword(s): The great legendary human science chronicle., means:-Arshabharatha tradinational things and literature. Ramayana.,Mahabharatha., Bhaghavatha.,Fourth part's of vedas., Bhagavathgeeha and Manusmruthy., manusmruthy means:-Human things in artificial life. ; Help us:- my preceptor professor "MSN"

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