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ILC Staging and Running Scenarios

ILC Parameters Joint Working Group ; Barklow,T. ; Brau, J. ; Fujii, K. ; Gao, J. ; List, J. ; Walker, N. ; Yokoya, K.

Abstract: The preferred scenario for realizing the ILC involves construction of the full 500 GeV machine from the start, as documented by the design in the ILC Technical Design Report. In planning for the ILC hosted by and based in Japan it has been suggested that a staged energy implementation might be necessary, starting at a centre-of-mass energy of at least 250 GeV before upgrading eventually to 500 GeV. The later 1TeV upgrade is also preserved. This report considers the tradeoffs for various staging scenarios, including a realistic estimate of the real time accumulation of integrated luminosity based on ramp-up and upgrade processes. The report concentrates on the physics reach up to ∼ 500 GeV. Various physics outcomes are presented for each of the scenarios. While the majority of the report addresses the 250 GeV - 500 GeV staging plan, the scientific advantages of starting operations at 350GeV, and extending the 500GeV machine to ∼ 550GeV are discussed. In addition to the certain precision physics that is the main focus of this study, there are existing scientific motivations that indicate the real possibility for discoveries of new particles in the upcoming operations of the LHC or the early operation of the ILC. Follow-up studies of such discoveries could alter the plan for the centre-of-mass collision energy of the ILC and expand even more the scientific impact of the ILC physics program.

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