Published Article / hep-ph PSI-PR-13-14 arXiv:1311.3305

Future Electron-Positron Colliders and the 4-Dimensional Composite Higgs Model

Barducci, Daniele ; De Curtis, Stefania ; Moretti, Stefano ; Pruna, Giovanni Marco


Abstract: In this note we analyse the prospects of a future electron-positron collider in testing a particular realisation of a composite Higgs model encompassing partial compositeness, namely, the 4-Dimensional Composite Higgs Model. We study the main Higgs production channels for three possible energy stages and different luminosity options of such a machine and confront our results to the expected experimental accuracies in the various Higgs decay channels accessible herein and, for comparison, also at the Large Hadron Collider.

Note: Comments: 24 pages, 10 figures, minor corrections for publication in JHEP

Published in: JHEP02(2014)005


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