Preprint / hep-ph DESY-13-055 arXiv:1304.4241

Methods for evaluating physical processes in strong external fields at e+e- colliders: Furry picture and quasi-classical approach

Porto, Stefano ; Hartin, Anthony ; Moortgat-Pick, Gudrid


Abstract: Future linear colliders designs, ILC and CLIC, are expected to be powerful machines for the discovery of Physics Beyond the Standard Model and subsequent precision studies. However, due to the intense beams (high luminosity, high energy), strong electromagnetic fields occur in the beam-beam interaction region. In the context of precision high energy physics, the presence of such strong fields may yield sensitive corrections to the observed electron-positron processes. The Furry picture of quantum states gives a conceptually simple tool to treat physics processes in an external field. A generalization of the quasi-classical operator method (QOM) as an approximation is considered too.

Note: Comments: 14 pages, 6 figures, to appear in the conference proceedings of the Corfu Summer Institute 2012

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