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ILC Project Implementation Planning

ILC Global Design Effort

Abstract: Following the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) decision to base the design of a global linear collider on superconducting radiofrequency (SCRF) technology, the Global Design Effort (GDE) was created and has carried out the mandate of coordinating the worldwide R&D programme and developing a technical design for a 0.5-TeV linear collider. As a result of physics studies, ICFA gave the GDE guidance for the accelerator performance to be achieved. In carrying out the design presented in this report and in order to make the design as realistic as possible, close attention has been paid to how best to implement such a global project. This has been important for two reasons: 1) it has helped ensure that the design effort adequately took into account the practical aspects of implementing such a global project; and 2) by paying attention to these aspects of the future ILC project, we have developed knowledge and insight into how to implement the ILC. We document here some of what we have learned and concluded in order to help guide future implementation planning.

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