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CLIC‐ILC General Issues Working Group Interim Report #2 - Dec 2011

CLIC-ILC Working Group

Abstract: This report will address two of the remaining charge items: specifically elements of project implementation (siting and technical procurement strategy) and the future of the working groups in addressing common issues. We will also comment on the linear collider decision process. The next and final report from this working group will be released towards the end of 2012. It will address points of comparison between the two approaches to the linear collider. Currently we envisage this to cover physics reach, accelerator technology, and cost and power estimates. In preparation for this report we are currently seeking input on the accelerator technology topic from the technical joint working groups. Additionally, we expect this analysis to provide recommendations for areas of joint efforts in the future.

Keyword(s): CLIC-ILC
Note: The working group membership and charge are given in Appendix A & B of this report.

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