Video / ACCDT ILC-VIDEO-2011-004

X-Ray Tomography Inspection of SRF Cavities - Equator weld

North Star Imaging

July 2011

Abstract: Movie of 2-D scans of a single-cell cavity whose welded seam is compromised. The viewer sees the advancing circumference of the cell, which widens as the viewer approaches the center of the cell (cell's polar axis is oriented up-down). Looking closely midway down either edge of the cell (at the equator), one can see alternating black and white spots as the video advances. This indicates that the weld, rather than forming a solid, uniformly dense band around the equator of the cell, was full of voids, tiny pockets that could compromise the strength of the pressurised cell.

Keyword(s): SRF Cavities ; cavity inspection ; X-Ray Tomography
Note: Video: North Star Imaging

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