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Fly through the International Linear Collider (ILC) and find out how it works. The ILC will collide electrons and their antiparticles, positrons, in a 30-kilometre-long straight tunnel. In the clip lasting just over one minute, follow the particles running through all the different subsystems, the beam pipes, superconducting accelerating cavities and finally into collision at the interaction region, where they spray out into the different layers of a large particle detector. After an overview of the scale of the ILC, a short schematic in the beginning explains the general layout: electrons are produced in the electron source, some of them in turn produce the positrons that they will later collider with. So-called damping rings that make sure that the beams have the right properties, and in two linear accelerators that face each other electrons and positrons are accelerated until they reach collision energies of 0.5 TeV and collide in the middle of the two accelerators. Find out more about the project and it status at http://www.linearcollider.org/about

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