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Functional Requirements on the Design of the Detectors and the Interaction Region of an e+e- Linear Collider with a Push-Pull Arrangement of Detectors

Parker, B. (BNL) ; Mikhailichenko, A. (Cornell Univ.) ; Buesser,K. (DESY) ; Hauptman, J. (Iowa State Univ.) ; Tauchi,T. (KEK) ; Burrows,P. (Oxford Univ.) ; Markiewicz,T. (SLAC) ; Oriunno,M. (SLAC) ; Seryi,A. (SLAC)

Abstract: The Interaction Region of the International Linear Collider [1] is based on two experimental detectors working in a push-pull mode. A time efficient implementation of this model sets specific requirements and challenges for many detector and machine systems, in particular the IR magnets, the cryogenics and the alignment system, the beamline shielding, the detector design and the overall integration. This paper attempts to separate the functional requirements of a push pull interaction region and machine detector interface from any particular conceptual or technical solution that might have been proposed to date by either the ILC Beam Delivery Group or any of the three detector concepts [2]. As such, we hope that it provides a set of ground rules for interpreting and evaluating the MDI parts of the proposed detector concept’s Letters of Intent, due March 2009. The authors of the present paper are the leaders of the IR Integration Working Group within Global Design Effort Beam Delivery System and the representatives from each detector concept submitting the Letters Of Intent.

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