Preprint / hep-ex arXiv:0901.4958

SUSY-P5: Chargino / Neutralino Analysis in the Fully Hadronic Final State

Käfer, Daniela ; List, Jenny ; Suehara, Taikan


Abstract: The fully hadronic final states of two signal processes from an mSUGRA inspired scenario (SUSY-P5) are studied within a full simulation of the LDC' detector model. These are chargino pair and neutralino pair production, i.e. e+e- -> C1C1 -> qq'N1 qq'N1 and e+e- -> N2N2 -> qq'N1 qq'N1. Both processes have to be separated sufficiently from all background to measure the respective production cross sections and extract the masses of the involved bosinos, m(C1), m(N2) and m(LSP)=m(N1). This is achieved by fitting the energy spectra of the reconstructed gauge bosons while taking into account the finite width of the boson mass. From simulation data corresponding to 500/fb of luminosity, a mass resolution of about 0.5 GeV seems to be achievable.

Note: Comments: 5 pages, 5 figures, proceedings of a presentation at LCWS08, Chicago, USA, 15-20 Nov 2008

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