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Beam Polarization at the ILC: the Physics Impact and the Accelerator Solutions

Aurand, B ; Bailey, I ; Bartels, C ; Brachmann, A ; Clarke, J ; Hartin, A ; Hauptman, J ; Helebrant, C ; Hesselbach, S ; Kafer, D ; List, J ; Lorenzon, W ; Marchesini, I ; Monig, K ; Moffeit, K C ; Moortgat-Pick, G ; Riemann, S ; Schalicke, A ; Schuler, P ; Starovoitov, P ; Ushakov, A ; Velte, U ; Wittschen, J ; Woods, M


Abstract: In this contribution accelerator solutions for polarized beams and their impact on physics measurements are discussed. Focus are physics requirements for precision polarimetry near the interaction point and their realization with polarized sources. Based on the ILC baseline programme as described in the Reference Design Report (RDR), recent developments are discussed and evaluated taking into account physics runs at beam energies between 100 GeV and 250 GeV, as well as calibration runs on the Z-pole and options as the 1TeV upgrade and GigaZ.

Note: Comments: To appear in the proceedings of International Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS08 and ILC08), Chicago, Illinois, 16-20 Nov 2008

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