Preprint / physics.acc-ph arXiv:0903.1616

FLASH Beam-Off RF Measurements and Analyses

Pei, Shilun ; Adolphsen, Chris ; Carwardine, John


Abstract: The FLASH L-band (1.3 GHz) superconducting accelerator facility at DESY has a Low Level RF (LLRF) system that is similar to that envisioned for ILC. This system has extensive monitoring capability and was used to gather performance data relevant to ILC. In particular, waveform data were recorded with beam off for three, 8-cavity cryomodules to evaluate the input rf stability, perturbations to the SC cavity frequencies and the rf overhead required to achieve constant gradient during the 800 microseconds pulses. In this paper, we discuss the measurements and data analysis procedures and present key findings on the pulse-to-pulse input rf and cavity field stability.

Note: Comments: 8 pages, 14 figures, LCWS/ILC 2008

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