Preprint / hep-ph TU-838 UT-HET 026 FTPI-MINN-09-08 UMN-TH-2738-09 arXiv:0902.3155

An extended Higgs sector for neutrino mass, dark matter and baryon asymmetry

Aoki, Mayumi ; Kanemura, Shinya ; Seto, Osamu


Abstract: In this talk, we discuss a TeV scale model which would explain neutrino oscillation, dark matter, and baryon asymmetry of the Universe simultaneously by the dynamics of the extended Higgs sector and TeV-scale right-handed neutrinos. By the imposed exact $Z_2$ symmetry, tiny neutrino masses are generated at the three loop level, and the stability of the dark matter candidate, an additional singlet scalar field, is guaranteed. The extra Higgs doublet is introduced not only for neutrino masses but also for successful electroweak baryogenesis. The model provides various discriminative predictions in Higgs phenomenology, which can be tested at the Large Hadron Collider and the International Linear Collider.

Note: Comments: 6pages, 5 figures, Proceedings of International Linear Collider Workshop 2008 (LCWS08 and ILC08), November 16-20, 2008, University of Illinois, Chicago

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