Preprint / hep-ph LAPTH-CONF-1306-09 LPSC 08212 arXiv:0901.4838

Neutralino Relic Density in the CPVMSSM at the ILC

Belanger, G ; Kittel, O ; Kraml, S ; Martyn, H U ; Pukhov, A


Abstract: We discuss ILC measurements for a specific MSSM scenario with CP phases, where the lightest neutralino, a candidate for dark matter, annihilates through t-channel exchange of light staus. These prospective ILC measurements are used to fit the underlying model parameters. A collider prediction of the relic density of the neutralino from this fit gives 0.116<Omega h2<0.19 at 95%CL.

Note: Comments: 4 pages, 2 figures, Proceedings of LCWS08, chicago

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