Preprint / hep-ph DESY 09-16 SFB-CPP-09-11 HEPTOOLS 09-006 arXiv:0901.4455

Reduction Method for One-loop Tensor 5- and 6-point Integrals Revisited

Diakonidis, Theodoros


Abstract: A complete analytical reduction of general one-loop Feynman integrals with five legs for tensors up to rank R=3 and six legs for tensors up to rank 4 is reviewed. An elegant formalism with extensive use of signed minors was developed for the cancellation of leading inverse Gram determinants.The resulting compact formulae allow both for a study of analytical properties and for efficient numerical programming. Here some special numerical examples are presented.

Note: Comments: Prepared for 2008 International Linear Collider Workshop (LCWS08 and ILC08), Chicago, 16-20 Nov. 2008

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