Preprint / hep-ph SLAB-PUB-13481 arXiv:0812.1229

SUSY Without Prejudice at Linear Colliders

Rizzo, Thomas G


Abstract: We explore the physics of the general CP-conserving MSSM with Minimal Flavor Violation, the pMSSM. The 19 soft SUSY breaking parameters are chosen so to satisfy all existing experimental and theoretical constraints assuming that the WIMP is the lightest neutralino. We scan this parameter space twice using both flat and log priors and compare the results which yield similar conclusions. Constraints from both LEP and the Tevatron play an important role in obtaining our final model samples. Implications for future TeV-scale $e^+e^-$ linear colliders(LC) are discussed.

Note: Comments: 6 pages, 3 figs. Talk given at LCWS08, Chicago, IL, USA, 11/16-20/2008

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