Preprint / physics.acc-ph / physics.ins-det arXiv:0902.3017

Status of the ILC Main Linac BPM R&D

Wendt, M ; Lefevre, T ; Simon, C ; Vilalte, S


Abstract: An introduction and the status of R&D activities for a high-resolution, "cold" beam position monitor (BPM) and the related read-out electronics are discussed. Two different BPM detector concepts, to be attached to the SC quadrupole and located inside the ILC cryomodule, are currently under investigation: A resonant dipole-mode cavity-style BPM pickup, developed at Fermilab, and a re-entrant resonant coaxial waveguide BPM, designed by CEA-Saclay. While the 1.5 GHz dipole-mode cavity BPM is still in the R&D phase, the re-entrant BPM has already passed first beam tests, including its read-out system. Furthermore, the LAPP group is developing radiation tolerant digital read-out systems, which are tested at the CLIC test facility (CTF).

Note: Comments: LCWS / ILC08 conference contribution, 6 pages, 6 figures

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