Preprint / physics.ins-det arXiv:0901.4457

A digital ECAL based on MAPS

Ballin, J A ; Dauncey, P D ; Magnan, A -M ; Noy, M ; Mikami, Y ; Miller, O ; Rajovic, V ; Watson, N K ; Wilson, J A ; Crooks, J P ; Stanitzki, M ; Stefanov, K D ; Turchetta, R ; Tyndel, M ; Villani, E G


Abstract: Progress is reported on the development and testing of Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) for a Si-W ECAL for the ILC. Using laser and source setups, a first version of the sensor has been characterised through measurements of the absolute gain calibration, noise and pedestal. The pixel-to-pixel gain spread is 10%. Charge diffusion has been measured and found to be compatible with simulation results. The charge collected by a single pixel varies from 50% to 20% depending on where it is generated. After adding detector effects to the Geant4 simulation of an ILC-like ECAL, using the measured parameters, the energy resolution is found to be 35% higher than the ideal resolution, but is still lower than the resolution obtained for an equivalent analogue ECAL.

Note: Comments: 4 pages, 5 figures, to appear in the proceedings of the LCWS08 conference

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