Preprint / physics.ins-det arXiv:0901.1231

Alignment of Silicon tracking systems R&D on Semitransparent Microstrip Sensors

Duarte, Jordi ; Fernandez, Marcos ; Gonzalez, Javier ; Jaramillo, Richard ; Lopez, Amparo ; Martinez, Celso ; Moya, David ; Ruiz, Alberto ; Vila, I ; Bassignana, D ; Cabruja, E ; Lozano, M ; Pellegrini, G


Abstract: We summarize the R&D activities on a novel semitransparent microstrip sensor to be used on laser-based alignment systems for silicon trackers. The new sensor is used both for particle tracking and laser detection. The aim of this research line is to increase the optical transmittance (T) of Silicon microstrips detectors to infrared light, introducing minor modifications to the sensor design still suitable for its industrial production. The optical simulations used in the sensor design have been experimentally validated against several patterned material samples. This activities have been carried out in the context of SiLC collaboration for the next International Linear Collider.

Note: Comments: Proceedings International Linear Collider Workshop 2008 LCWS08 and ILC08

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