Published Article / physics.acc-ph DESY 07-204 arXiv:0712.2343

Radiation damage of the ILC positron source target

Ushakov, Andriy ; Riemann, Sabine


Abstract: The radiation damage of the positron source target for the International Linear Collider (ILC) has been studied. The displacement damage in target material due to multi-MeV photons has been calculated by combining FLUKA simulations for secondary particle production, SPECTER data for neutron displacement cross-sections and the Lindhard model for estimations of displacement damage by ions. The radiation damage of a stationary Ti6Al4V target in units of displacements per atom (dpa) has been estimated for photons from an undulator with strength 0.92 and period 1.15 cm. The calculated damage is 7 dpa. Approximately 12.5% of displacement damage result from neutrons.

Note: Comments: to appear in the proceedings of the Linear Collider Workshop 2007 and the International Linear Collider meeting 2007, DESY, Hamburg, 30 May - 3 June 2007

Published in: ECONF C0705302:SRC10,2007


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