Preprint / hep-ex arXiv:0901.4890

WIMP Searches at the ILC using a model-independent Approach

Bartels, C ; List, J


Abstract: In this note the ILC's capabilities for detecting WIMPs and measuring their properties are studied. The expected signal cross section is derived in a model-independent way from the observed relic density of Dark Matter. Signal events are detected by means of initial state radiation (ISR). The study is performed with a full simulation of the ILD detector. The results show that WIMPs are observable at the ILC if their coupling to electrons is not too small (O(0.1)). Their masses can be measured with a precision of 1 to 2 GeV. The accessible phase space can be increased significantly using polarised beams, especially if the positrons are polarised as well.

Note: Comments: 6 pages, 10 figures, Contribution to LCWS 2008 Chicago conference proceedings

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