Preprint / physics.ins-det / hep-ex arXiv:0901.4869

ILC Main Linac Alignment Simulations using Conventional Techniques and the Rapid Tunnel Reference Survey Model (RTRSM)

Dale, John ; Reichold, Armin


Abstract: Alignment of the ILC main linac will be more critical than for any currently existing accelerators due to its long length and the ultra low emittance required. There are several techniques for measuring the ILC reference network; in this report conventional methods for measuring the network and aligning the main linac are simulated. Dispersion Matched Steering (DMS) is applied to the simulated accelerators to determine their final emittance. Simulations and reconstructions of the ILC reference network usually require very resource intensive programs, the RTRSM has been developed to rapidly generate networks with the required statistical properties. The RTRSM is discussed in this report and some problems are demonstrated.

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