Report / DETDT / VTXDET ILC-REPORT-2008-016

ILC Vertex Detector R&D - Report of Review Committee

Worldwide Study R&D Panel

Abstract: The Vertex Detector Review Committee studied the programmes of 10 groups or collaborations, encompassing 9 distinct technology options now under development, as well as important general issues such as geometry options (long barrels vs short barrels plus endcaps), electromagnetic interference, and issues of machine background. Brief conclusions and recommendations for all these activities can be found in Section 6. Despite 10 years of R&D, we are still some way from the goal of knowing how to build a vertex detector that will satisfy the physics challenges. In fact, the world-wide R&D is still expanding, in response to these challenges which have attracted some of the finest detector physicists in the HEP community. Some of the groups are confident of delivering full-scale detector components (ladders) in test beams by 2012. Others will take longer, and see the opportunity to build upgrade detectors later. Given the relatively modest cost of a vertex detector system (measured in millions of dollars, not tens of millions), and the physics benefit likely to accrue from some of the suggested upgrades, this approach is certainly justified. So the most important recommendation of the committee is to urge ongoing support, at the current levels or higher if possible, for the R&D groups. Furthermore, the particle physics vertexing community world-wide is coherent and self-organising, so that everyone learns from the others in workshops and conferences.

Keyword(s): vertex detectors

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