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000017864 245__ $$aTechnology Benefits Deriving from the International Linear Collider
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000017864 500__ $$aThis report was prepared by Paul Grannis (Stony Brook University, USA), Karsten Wurr (DESY, Germany) and Masanori Yamouchi (KEK, Japan) who express their gratitude to the many colleagues from industry, physics institutes and government agencies who have provided insight, information and comments that made this report possible. Errors are however the responsibility solely of the authors.
000017864 520__ $$aThe Funding Agencies for Large Colliders (FALC), a group composed of representatives of national science funding agencies and consortia around the world, was formed in 2003 to inform governments and promote coordination for large new international facilities in high-energy physics (HEP). One of its immediate goals was to support the preparation of a proposal for the International Linear Collider (ILC) in its R&D phase, for later consideration by governments for funding. In early 2007, as a part of its information gathering process, FALC commissioned a study to explore the potential wider benefits of the ILC to industry, the larger scientific community and society at large. This report responds to that charge. It has been developed through extensive interactions between physicists and industry in Japan, Europe and the United States. Each region conducted its own workshops, interviews, and interactions with industrial representatives to compose lists of potential spin-offs from the ILC. Each region prepared an interim report of its findings. This report gathers the major threads from the regional reports, and gives a broad survey of possible benefits. 
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