Memo / DETDT / DETDEV ILC-MEMO-2008-001

Benchmark Reactions for the ILC LOI process

Behnke, T (DESY) ; Graf, N (SLAC) ; Miyamoto, A (KEK)

Abstract: In this memorandum we suggest a list of reactions to be studied for the letters of intent at the ILC. They are a reduced list from the benchmark paper by M. Battaglia et al. We distinguish two different sets of benchmarks: processes needed to demonstrate the performance of the detector, and reactions which are necessary to demonstrate the physics reach of the experiment. The main focus of this memo is the first type of benchmark reactions. These benchmark reactions will need to be supplemented by much more technical studies and reactions, tuned to very specific sub-detector needs, and by reactions which are important to demonstrate the physics reach of the project. In this sense the reactions selected here do not reflect the full physics reach and power of the machine.

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