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ILC Staging and Running Scenarios / ILC Parameters Joint Working Group ; Barklow,T. ; Brau, J. ; Fujii, K. ; et al [ILC-NOTE-2015-066]
The preferred scenario for realizing the ILC involves construction of the full 500 GeV machine from the start, as documented by the design in the ILC Technical Design Report. [...]
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GDE Change Evaluation Panel - TLCC-1 – Decision Memo / Barish, B ; GDE Change Evaluation Panel [ILC-MEMO-2010-003]
Proposal: "We propose to keep the specified ML accelerator operational gradient of $\geq 31.5$ MV/m with $Q_{0} \geq 10^{10}$, on average, with a gradient spread of less than $\pm 20\%$." Decision: Yes, with considerations..
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BAW-1: ML Accelerator Gradient - Summary of Discussions and Proposal / ILC GDE Project Managers [ILC-INT-2010-050]
We discussed the optimum Main Linac (ML) operational field gradient based on the current status of the global R&D effort and the evaluation of achieving the milestone cavity performance of 35 MV/m, with Q0 ≥ 8E9, and a second pass production yield of 56% in the middle of TDP. [...]
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PM Monthly Reports - September 2008 / PM Office [ILC-INT-2008-025]
With this issue of the Technical Design Phase Monthly Report, you will find summary notes for the Group's monthly meetings (Main Linac Technology - Superconducting RF, Conventional Facilities and Siting, and Accelerator Systems), and a report from the Cost and Schedule Group (Peter Garbincius). [...]
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Main Linac RF Power Distribution System Heat Load for the ILC Reference Design / Nantista, C.D. [ILC-NOTE-2007-035]
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Report of the Engineering Design Planning Task Force / Ross, M ; Paterson, E ; Kephart, B ; Wolski, A ; et al [ILC-REPORT-2007-005]
The Engineering Design Planning task force was created by the ILC Executive Committee in March 2007 to assist it in adapting the organization of the GDE to support the creation of an Engineering Design Report (EDR). [...]
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R&D for the International Linear Collider / GDE R&D Board ; Willis, W. ; Damerell, C. ; Elsen, E. ; et al [ILC-NOTE-2007-027]
This document attempts to give an overview of the R&D for the ILC. [...]
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Report of the S2 task force / Himel, T. ; Padamsee, H. ; Adolphsen, C. ; Kephart, R. ; et al [ILC-INT-2007-007]
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Depolarization Studies in the International Linear Collider / Smith, J.C. [ILC-NOTE-2007-012]
Polarized positron and electron beams are ideal for searching for new physics at the International Linear Collider (ILC). [...]
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