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Implications of the 750 GeV gamma-gamma Resonance as a Case Study for the International Linear Collider / Fujii, K. ; Grojean, C. ; Peskin, M. E. ; Barklow, T. ; et al [ILC-NOTE-2016-067]
If the gamma-gamma resonance at 750 GeV suggested by 2015 LHC data turns out to be a real effect, what are the implications for the physics case and upgrade path of the International Linear Collider? Whether or not the resonance is confirmed, this question provides an interesting case study testing the robustness of the ILC physics case. [...]
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LCTPC and the Magnetic Field for ILD: Update 2010 / Settles, R. [ILC-NOTE-2011-061]
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Functional Requirements on the Design of the Detectors and the Interaction Region of an e+e- Linear Collider with a Push-Pull Arrangement of Detectors / Parker, B. ; Mikhailichenko, A. ; Buesser,K. ; Hauptman, J. ; et al [ILC-NOTE-2009-050]
The Interaction Region of the International Linear Collider [1] is based on two experimental detectors working in a push-pull mode. [...]
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